Top 5+ ways that images help your business to rank better in Google search results


Images can reveal a great deal about the topic that the audiences search for. Hence you have to optimize your search for Google image to arrive at an exact search result. The image search on Google is the second most highly used search platform compared that ranks first from what was observed from the study conducted by Rand Fishkins of Jumpshot and Moz data.

Image searches are extremely important that it appears to be. The search in Google image is more than 10 times as compared to Bing or Yahoo, accordingly to the data available in Jumpshot and Moz.

Images are generally raw files and come without proper and accurate labeling. This may be a cause that the images are commonly overlooked for search optimization. Google may examine the content and the topic discussed, it is equally important to index the images in the discussed context. Non-indexing the image often could lead to a situation where the image would not be relevant to the topic and the search result, which actually loses out on the chance of any brand or product and services or business to be promoted. This also leads to fewer clicks and traffic to the website that might contain these images.

Images widely affect the marketing of retail and consumer goods and this is marked Pinterest’s limiting personalized customer support. Also in Google Product Listing Ad categories focus on retail and consumer goods. If users or audiences search of any of these categories in Google Images, through organic search result you will be directed to recommendation page.

So here are the top 5+ ways that images help to rank better in Google Search

  1. Adding Direct Image Links to Google Image in Search Engine Result Page will ensure better ranking. Each script displays “direct image link” above each thumbnail in Google image search results. These scripts turns the This user script turns the featured line under an image thumbnail in Google Image search results into a direct link of that image file.
  2. Optimize images that are found via Google image search also ensures better Google ranking. To optimize the image quickly and easily, “smush it” links can be added to userscripts to search result on Google images. The links uses the optimization techniques, which are exact for the image format to remove bytes from the large image files which are not so necessary.
  3. The image status reporter script saves you time by displaying the information of the image which are missing from the source page.
  4. It is easy to see the image preview within Google Image Search Engine Result Page. So when you hover the mouse over the Google image, you are able to see the real image and also in a CSS popup.
  5. To search for visually similar image over Google, you can search like any regular search. You will receive recommendation to view few image thumbnails to invite you to search for similar images and related images.
  6. To rank better you can also search images from Desktop GoogleImager, which is an app that combines plenty of Google advanced search options including language and location configuration, size of the image file type and color settings, results per page settings, safe search filter changing, etc.

Product Listing Ads available in Google Image search results

Images are posted to promote the businesses of retail and consumer goods, hence optimizing image for organic search is one of the important aspect. Apart from this there are other image categories as well that will also be benefitted out of better optimizing. Images are often sidelined during Google search ranking. But images are indexed accurately; Google images can help business by easily tracking the available products and services. If images are optimized, it will surely be proved to be advantageous during search queries.

Images enhance user’s experience and help your business to rank better in Google search result. The images posted should be relevant, as for the better user experience feedback is of utmost importance. The popularity of the image also determines the increase in click and view, which contributes a great deal for good user experience. The image resolution and quality hence should be good and attractive. The quality of the image means that if the image size is reduced or increased it will not affect the quality of the image, as it is highly important to consider how the images will appear in search results. The size should be selected that fits in the more standard image ratio. Images that are too small will surely have a poor display in thumbnails.
For better Google indexing and ranking you have to optimize image data, labels, tags along with exact description.

It is important to identify the purpose and the context of the uploaded picture. Hence, Google uses all Metadata, labels and descriptors for the indexing purposes. If the indexing is properly done that ensures better Google ranking as well.

The following processes should be practiced so that the indexing of the images is proper for Google ranking.

  1. When the texts are displayed instead of images, these are known as Alt tags. These are HTML attributes, which are used to describe the images and instead of images when the images are not displayed.
  2. Captions are generally the titles, which are displayed with the image.
  3. Description is the full explanation of the image that provides additional information along with links.
  4. Google understand the importance of contextual information surrounding the image. Hence the search result depends on the relevance of images by the context detail that includes text content, other images, image sitemaps, page title and page URL.


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