5 useful tips for successful content marketing


Nothing excels better the way some meaningful contents do. Users always look out for information that might suffice the needful purpose of the users. The success of each brand depends the way it is presented before the audiences. The valuable contents measure the success in digital marketing. Contents add value to your brands by giving a faithful description of your products and services.

Valuable content written with respect to digital marketing create brand awareness and organic search traffic that helps you extensively to hit a big time in Google ranking. In a day there are as many as 2 million of blog posts. But developing contents relevant to the subject is not really easy and hence B2B marketers usually end up spending more time, money and resources on developing the most relevant contents.

The importance of Content Marketing

Initially when you post and publish, most of the content marketing fails because there is lack of proper planning for content strategies. You might have exuberant ideas and know exactly how to present them. Accordingly you develop contents and finally execute them. Content marketing can actually be a powerful tool to generate traffic and customer retention, but it sometimes might not yield desirable result. Hence, plan for the right steps to write, publish and execute the ideas that you have in your mind.

There are 5 useful tips to attain the successful result,

Knowing your audience better.

Before your spend your real time writing content, you need to understand exactly for whom you would be writing the content, who will be your target audiences, who are your present customers, who will be benefitted from my content. Company generally make customer’s profiles and segregate them in groups. These buyer personae is a term used for creating personas based on the kind of customers that a business has or may be looking out for.

As per marketing research chart as uploaded by MarketingSherpa, there are some tips to create buyer personas.

  1. Trying interviewing your prospective clients
  2. Interview of the sales time for better understanding
  3. Surveying and understanding the market scenario
  4. Mining in-house database to identify characteristics of best and/or worst customers
  5. Evaluating web analytics reports
  6. Interviewing customer service
  7. Using keyword research to identify topics of interest
  8. Monitoring activity on social media sites

When the buyer’s personae are ready, use them to develop content and solve problems. Understanding and knowing exactly the requirements of clients that will help you to develop content that will be useful for the context and the real matter will never be lost. Your information to your audience will exactly as per their requirements.

Marketing the Content to the sales cycle

When your content is meant for the sales purpose, each section of the content should present the right information and guidelines about how to move at the next stage. Based on the product and requirements, the content has to be written. Depending on the product and the service the content should be matched and accordingly case studies report, product sheet and integration guides should be provided. The audiences find the content useful to follow during each stage of the buying cycle.

  1. You can write content that can create brand awareness. At the beginning of the sales cycle it is possible that buyers might not have heard about the brand, thus the content will help to promote the brand. The Awareness content formats are Blog Post articles, white papers, educational webinars and infographics.
  2. Useful contents can be developed to increase the number of marketing qualified leads (MQL). After acquiring some knowledge and information about your brand, the buyer might still not be prepared to take a decision but understands that your brand is established and can meet the purpose for them. The contents used for evaluation purpose are case studies, product webinars and technology guides.
  3. The purchase content formats can be written to turn the marketing qualified lead to a Sales Qualified Lead. At this stage the prospect is sorted with a final decision of purchase. The content for this purpose should ensure that the lead should be turned into sales. Contents that can be used for purchase purpose are implementation guides, free trial and live demonstrations.

Develop the contents.

Developing the useful content for the audiences will only be possible when you have the proper understanding of their requirements and know exactly what kind of contents will be applicable in each stage of the sales cycles. It will be really easy to create the contents for the required purpose after a thorough understanding of the processes. It is wise approach to write value research reports and studies reports as compared to other types of contents, as according to the recent report from CMO Council and NetLine it is found that 65% of B2B buyers consider these thorough reports for any decisions. The lengths of the contents are also a huge factor for better Google ranking.

The longer the contents are the better the ranking would be in Google. The shorter the contents are the Google ranking will not be much satisfying. In case you want to increase the online traffic with 0% bounce rate you have to represent the maximum effort that has been taken for content marketing that itself adds value to your business. Writing longer content are also shared widely on social networking sites provided the contents are put on and shared widely. It is easy to insert keywords wisely in longer contents as there will wide prospects of sharing maximum keywords, which is very useful for SEO purpose. Hence, the longer content helps for better ranking in Google, get more social sharing and get more inbound links.

Promoting the contents.

You might just finish writing contents, but those will be proved useful if these are promoted for its needful purposes. The online visibility of these contents through social media sites to get maximum visitors for your site is highly essential. When you adapt some best practices like campaigning, your contents become much visible to the visitors. Here it explains why we share the blog post in the social media sites or social network sites. When there are guidelines or white papers that send extensive awareness to the visitors it will require much extensive promotion in form of paid content promotion services.

There are ways to promote your content like

  1. Google AdWords campaigns, when you promote white papers or ebooks to trigger immediate awareness.
  2. Social Media campaigns, when you post blog contents in social usually two or three times in a day the visibility of these content increases. To ensure better and confirmed prominence of your content try sharing the content on both personal and branded pages.
  3. E-mail marketing campaigns, when a new blog content or white papers or new ebook needs to promoted the best way is to inform the e-mail subscribers those who are already engaged with your brands. They can be powerful promoter who will share your content across all the social networking sites easily.

Measure and evaluate.

You sure do not want to just post the content and forget completely what happened to the content. Wouldn’t you just want to know what exactly happened to the content that you had published? How many audiences did you get, how many likes did you get and was the message duly conveyed to the people who had seen the content? How many views did your page received and how many times and in which social sites your contents are shared?

Your contents will be able to generate maximum traffic, when it will be read by people, liked by the readers and shared by them? You definitely will be able to write accordingly when you know about the most preferable keywords used for these topics. You can sure measure the success of the content, when you know how many leads your content has generated.

When you have the answers for all these questions, you will have much more data to analyze and use for the next time you create content. Customer Relationship Management thrives on traffic that the useful Contents might generate. Your Content should have the essential qualities to resolves the doubts of the audiences.

Therefore contents which are more than 1000 words are promoted in the authorized websites as these contents gains better Google ranking, helps in SEO with accurate use of keywords and helps for vast opportunities.


When you follow the above mentioned steps you are able to write the right content for brand awareness. Your website will be successful in generating traffic and sales leads. When you implement the right content marketing strategies you will have viewers who can be easily turned into prospective clients for your business and for your products. Regular optimization ensures better results and right performances.

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