How to determine the importance of Social Insight in your contents

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The contribution of social media is huge to enhance the business. Within the past few years, social media has done a great deal to provide some really valuable information so that the businesses achieve the desirable success. Information is readily available over Social Media but still the obtained information may not be enough to understand what factors exactly constitute the success of the business.

The survey and study of CMO reveals that 41.5% of the marketing strategy could not show the full effectiveness of social media on their business model. There are probably innumerable numbers of likes, shares and comments and equal number of followers but the numbers are not enough to confirm the growth and popularity of your brands.

How important is Social Media Attribution for your business?

The Social Media Attribution is a concept or a process of assigning credit for business outcome in marketing channels and campaign. Social Media creates a platform where your ideas, concepts, business and brands are showcased to trigger a mass awareness. This brand awareness converts the lead to real and prospective business.

Your audience might come to know about your brand through some social media sites and immediately start following your brand profiling. Being engaged with your brand through social media, liking your profile, being updated with special offers and newsletters may eventually lead to subsequent conversion to businesses. The source from where the users have come to know about your brand becomes Social Media Attribution.

When the social media serves your purpose of lead generation and eventually conversion to business, thus Social Media Attribution becomes an important aspect for your brand and business. Since the main objective of Social Media for increasing brand value is conversion, business and Revenue, Social media attribution is designed and planned to attain this objective.

Importance to determine Cost per Acquisition

To understand about this e-commerce marketing metrics better, we find a little more we first have a close look on how and why CPA is important to be determined. This financial metrics helps to directly measure or calculate the revenue influence of any marketing campaigns. It measures the collective cost to acquire one paying customer on a campaign and channel level. Thus, Cost Per Acquisition is Total Campaign Cost that has generated conversions.

The rate of Conversion indicate sharply how successful has been your marketing strategies, CPA gives your business outlook to measure the success of the campaign. This proves beneficial for any companies and their business as you can expect increased exposure, gaining customer loyalty and provide a genuine understanding of your marketplace. The purpose of content marketing in social media is customer engagement and acquisition. About 65% to 70% of marketers expect to generate leads from social media, which makes a considerable difference for your business. Hence, writing meaningful contents can actually be beneficial for maintaining the brand awareness and customer loyalty, as the contents can have a direct effect on the customer’s purchase decision and conversion to real time business through social media.

You have to wisely choose the right content for the right channels. It is confusing and even dicey. To resolve the confusion you can start by segregating the requirements as per your targeted audiences in order to create the most apt and engaging content for you social media channels. There are multiple social media platforms to target the audiences and hence your promotion and marketing of product also widely differs. Selecting the right social media platform and then updating the content for the marketing purpose seems to be wise choice and quite effective one as well as if you are able to target your specific segment of people with your content being uploaded is the right channel will definite reduce the cost per acquisition by 70% to 75%

Targeting the most relevant keywords for the brand is also the most right approach. The social media contents can multiple web traffic and generate leads, but to attempt for the process of customer acquisition, your social strategy must be much comprehensive. The targeting the most relevant keywords, you actually target the social team’s personalized response to the social leads within the stipulated time. There are however, several limitations like people who discuss brands do not often follow the brands and some social profiles do not include many keywords. Hence the social marketers have to plan their buyer’s personae to find out the keywords applicable for the prospective leads.

Importance to delegate tasks

To write action driven contents you should have proper purpose of writing the content. Contents should trigger the buyer’s intention; hence it should contain all the required information. It is as important as monitoring the performance of the content in the social media channel. If the purpose of the content is to boost the sales, content should be written in such a way that it would immediately help the buyers to frame their purchase decision.

With the use of project management tools and the relevant contents different companies and brands delegate their task to develop a smooth workflow.

Importance to calculate Return on Investment

It is important to calculate Return on Investment in Social Media Marketing otherwise you will never have a clear idea about the total marketing cost withstand by the company. As long as you all are not aware of the performance of your brand among the social media channels, you will never have an idea about the return on Investment. It becomes extremely difficult to calculate the return on Investment under this circumstance.

The best and the convenient way are to have a comprehensive understanding that how the purpose can be proved beneficial for the buyer’s intention and decision. The Return on Investment will not be 100% accurate, but if you have dependable attribution model to measure the business goals along with promotional strategies, you can deduce the most comprehensive decision related to your budget.


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