How to maximize reach in different social media platform and what are the probable tools?

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Just before we delve to discuss, how we can maximize reach in different social media platform, we should first have a clear idea why the organic search in social media is so important.

The social media are the platforms to engage their customer they want to expose their audiences to the contents which will be more useful and meaningful for their users. The audiences only get engage to those contents which solves their required purpose.

There is new algorithm that Social media is approaching, is that the most relevant posts are held on a platform where a smaller section of people only gets to view it. If the content is proved to be important, useful and relevant then the audiences get engage to the post. Based on this, your content will gain prominence among the larger group of people. This is a form of Search Engine Optimization that the content gains prominence if it is engaging enough.


There are several ways to increase your organic search in the social media.

Understanding the right platform

You can surely start by conducting a quick survey to understand which social platforms are commonly used by the audiences for personal and business purpose. Your share in the blogs will also give a fair idea that which are the most commonly used social media platforms. The share panels in the blogs provides you analytics that how many times your content has been shared and where exactly it is shared, based on this analytics you will be able to focus more on that social media. You can try tracking your competitors as well. If your competitors are using a certain social media platform and their activities are frequent in it you can also focus on that social media platform.

Improve your social media profiles

Your social media profile is one of the most important aspects to have an impact on your audiences. When we follow few SEO protocols in close association with social media algorithms and other search engines we will have a comprehensive idea about how your social media profiles can make differences among your audiences and how you will be able to optimize your profile. The username should be easy to understand. Your brand logo should be easy to recognize and remember. Your product description or summary should be enriched with keywords and a link to your website which should be easily tracked by your audiences. Just before posting the content the mentioned factors can be taken into account to so that your post does enough to engage the users and also manages to generate maximum traffic.

Generating percolating contents

Your contents are the biggest assets to target your audiences. It can either make or break the chain of followers. The contents should be able to provide knowledge, information following a certain punch line. The subject matter of your content should be legible, covering all the aspects of your product and services that you wish to communicate to your audience. You can make it sound witty, adding some real humor and surprise that will successfully catch your reader’s attentions, while retaining the real essence of the information.

Focus on quality rather quantity

If one content or post serves the purpose, why post 10? If you ask this question to yourself, you will be able to focus on post that will cover your information useful for your readers in a post. If there is only one information that needs to be send to your audiences then only one content or post will be sufficient for the readers. By quality it means that your content should focus on the aspects of your information. You can avoid posting multiple contents for information that your potential audiences are supposed to read. Here you are making an attempt to reach smartly to your audiences.

Fix targets to maximize organic potential

There are different social media platforms and you have to fix on the targeted audiences accordingly. If you target the specific audiences you will be able enhance the organic search and growth of your post in the social media. Hence, you can segregate in terms of gender, relationship, status, education level, age etc. You can categories your posts based on this that will help you to target your audience, which will help you to reach to the right people with the relevance of your post.

Determine the post time

Determine the right timing for your post so that your post can successfully generate the right traffic. If you are posting your content on the pick hours, your post might get lost in between multiple activities in the social media. Hence, it is advisable to post at the time when the activities over social media are less but not less frequent. Fix your target audience and the time when they are most likely to visit the site. It will undoubted help you to gain prominence and will make your post extremely visible to your audiences.

Choose the right kind of content

Before you post any contents over social media, you have to decide on the kind and types of content that will help your content for a huge increase in organic reach. You have to understand what works well for the certain group of people. Some group of people might find that video are useful, some will find images are useful, but in case whatever you choose to posts, these all should carry definite links to your websites and brands. You can use tools to compare the kind of posts that’s performing successfully.

Promoting profiles to increase organic reach

Even if you post the content you have to constantly keep promoting your profiles. Once you promote your profiles the organic reach will increase. Your business will gain prominence when you social media profile is also linked with them. You have to customize it in such a way that instantly your users will follow and like you page, and if they find it engaging enough they will find it interesting to visit every now and then. Once you set up a base to reach out to people, your presence will be felt and will lead to immediate organic reach.

Understanding what is important for your users

Undoubtedly you want to post and promote you products and services, but you have to identify what is important for your customers. You have to post accordingly. Your content should be valuable to the audiences when it comes to sharing information about your brand. You promote a product and it is not established that how it can be useful for your audiences, they will never find an interest to be associated with your brand and with your product. Besides trying to promote your products and services you emphasize more on the necessity and importance of the product and services.

Interactive communication with audiences

Your audiences visit your page and like them, but soon escape as there was no involvement from your side. You have provided right and necessary information, but lack of interaction will fail to hold back their attention. It is hence suggested to engage your audiences with interactive and communicative sessions. They will genuinely be interested to know what are you doing to achieve and how you can help them to resolve that doubts and queries. This will tremendously increase your brand awareness and improve your brand reputation as well.


Final thoughts


Just like ranking well in search engines, the organic social media reach is all about optimizations, user experience and providing superior quality content. Hence, to optimize your social media posts, you can follow the above mentioned procedures you can increase the organic search over social media platforms.

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